Friday, September 2, 2011


Life size doll house

Little girls can play with their doll house for hours together. What is even better is to have their rooms to be a life size doll house.  Their own little homes to play in and make their own. 
    Designing a doll house themed room requires a lot of planning and creativity. 
Abbeyvill bed loft
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In this bedroom the decorator has incorporated a little girls bed into a doll house! This gorgeous vintage doll house provides shelf space, storage space and play space for the little girl living in the room. And she gets to sleep in her own doll house!
Here are a few more examples of enchanting doll house loft beds, which will certainly spark up your little one's imagination and give her a big smile every time she walks into her room.

playhouse loft bed
Pottery Barn Kids has combined two of our all-time favorites – the loft bed and the playhouse to come up with  Cottage Loft Beds . Brilliant!!
Gingerbread Cottage Bed
Ginger-bread house from Poshtots
PoshTots - The Most...
This Poshtots bed is inspired by quaint fairy tale cottages 
This Tudor style cottage is a complete with a playhouse and sleeping area in one is from Poshtots
Doll house bed is also a good idea to when you share your space with your child. This creates a parallel space for them within your space. You can create their own world in one structure...their study space, play space and bed.

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